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About us

Shandong Huimin Three Thai Textile Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of Sun-Tzu, Zijiao Township North Industrial Park of Huimin County, with 20,010sqm of lands, CNY 10 million of register capitals and over CNY 80 million of assets. There are more than 200 employees and 50,000 spindles in our company now, and we yearly can produce over 6,000 tons of yarns.

Now, our company is equipped with internationally advanced spinning equipment such as LEDER draw frame, Schlafhorst automatic winder, Savio automatic winder and other international top textile equipment; moreover, our company also has domestically advanced equipment, including FA201 carding machine from Qingdao Textile Machinery co., Ltd, Shenyang Hongda FA306A high-speed frequency conversion draw frame, HICORP FA494 type microcomputer roving frame, People's Liberation Army (Zhoushan 4806 factory) ZJ1218 high-speed variable frequency spinning machine, as well as leading test equipment such as Beijing Huahao yarn evenness tester, YG024 automatic single yarn strength machine; therefore we enjoy the sound foundation to improve the quality and stability of finished products. 

Since the second half of 2010, the labor cost and power cost are getting increased; therefore, Chinese market is in depressed and we are also insufficient of profit space, and however, our staffs pay great attention on product positioning and quality on the basis of scientific management system and equipment reform. We focused on product innovation in order to promote enterprise's core competitiveness. Thriough stressing on quality and making full use of new type of spinning technology, we have developed various types of green, environment-friendly and fashionable new fiber yarns as well as multi-functional differentiated series products. As of 2011, we have successfully and specifically developed a new and environment-friendly (PVA) water-soluble vinylon yarn with a melting point of 20-90 °C. Our company obtained the qualification of independent export self-management right in April 2013, thus we realized the independent management of product import and export. At present, our products are well sold in India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Turkey, Bangladesh, Ukraine and all places of China. The textile market is sluggish. Under the circumstances, we have cumulatively exported more than 9,000 tons of environment-friendly PVA60s-80s yarn products since October 2012. We have made positive contributions to the foreign exchange revenue generation in the textile industry, of our county, and then achieved excellent results in broadening the market.

In the future, we will focus our key emphasis on the exploring of novel development idea. We plan to improve our product grade and added value all around on the basis of domestic and abroad high-grade yarn market. Under the help and supports of government, we intend to improve production equipment to realize scale manufacture. Working hard on product grade and quality intensively, we believe we will develop "Three Thai Textile" to be a domestic and abroad famous brand in the near future, and make contribution to the economic development of our region.

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